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This email correspondence (left) is from Joel Gabrielson from the Iowa Department of Revenue.

He explains how the the City can use our Local Options Sales Tax for Urban Renewal Projects just by the city council voting to do so.

The date of this exchange occurred prior to the 2011 2011 20-year Local Option Sales Tax election.

Iowa Code 423B.10 



The City is NOT required by law to follow the ballot language!
STATE LOOPHOLE, Iowa Code 423B.10, states:

"An eligible city may by ordinance of the city council provide for the use of a designated amount of the increased local sales and services tax revenues…to fund urban renewal projects located in the area. 
The designated amount may be all or a portion of such increased revenues…
The excess of the amount…over the base year …is the increase in the local sales and services tax revenues of which the designated amount is to be deposited in the special city account …”