Get the Facts CR

Remember when ...

Mayor Corbett campaigned on the platform that the taxpayers should decide on bonds? 

Have you been allowed to vote on a bond?


Remember when ...

Mayor Corbett said that the taxpayers should be able to decide on how their taxes are being spent?

Have you been allowed to vote on one project?

Do you know what our Mayor and City Council has bonded for?

Flood Protection a "priority?"

In 2012, Mayor Corbett, Mayor Pro Tem Vernon and the rest of the City Council claimed that "flood protection" was their priority.


They wanted a 10-year LOSST extension for "flood protection," but the voters were getting wise to their misprioritization and waste of their taxes.


The Mayor pushed the State Legislature for a $600 million bill for "flood protection," and got it.


That Senate File 2217 should've never passed - had the legislators and governor knew the hundreds of millions of dollars of eligible opportunities the City of Cedar Rapids had passed on to fund flood protection.

Instead, the City applied for Federal and State (I-Jobs) Grants and used our LOSST for their pet projects.




How the City spends YOUR money proves where their REAL priorities lie.