Get the Facts CR

Watch how the Vice Chair of the LOST Oversight Committee

could not get information to oversee spending.

"...for buyout, rehabilitation and relocation of flood damaged homes." (but read the fine print at the bottom)


Not one cent of LOSST has been spent on flood protection.

Yet, in 2011 and 2012 the Mayor and City Council 

wanted to extend LOSST, because flood protection was their "priority?"

Consider this when you vote November 5th!

LOSST Financials

2009 Cedar Rapids Local Option Sales and Services Tax for 5 years: 

"…Revenues from the sales and services tax shall be allocated as follows:

Ten percent (10%) for property tax relief;

The specific purposes for which the revenues shall otherwise be expended are:

90% for the acquisition and rehabilitation of flooded damaged housing caused by the flooding of 2008,

and matching funds for federal flood dollars to assist with flood recovery or flood protection."

Local Option Sales & Services Tax - April 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2014