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Behind the scenes, the City has continued to move forward with its Hwy 100 the point of buying properties and submitting grants for funding.


These grants need a Local Match. Our Local Option Sales and Services Tax will go to pay for that.


The City planned these "streetscape improvments" just months after our historic 2008 flood.


Cost for trails? $600,000 per mile!

Based on these assumptions the average cost per mile to develop Cedar Trails as a multi-modal connectivity network will be $600,000. This is about $63 million of today’s dollars.”

“If $60 million is invested over the next 15 years, this will leave another 15 years as contingent and replanning time. This requires an investment of $4 million per year on improvements.”


The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem approved and lobbied for funds for a Comprehensive Trail Plan, getting several million diverted from street funding to be used instead for trails.

"The CEMAR Trail was suggested 10 years ago by then-Cedar Rapids Streets Commissioner Don Thomas, but it’s never been completed."

"The trail will connect Cedar Rapids’ heavily used Cedar River Trail at Cedar Lake to Marion."

"It will run along an old railroad line through older sections of northeast Cedar Rapids, then
UNDER FIRST AVENUE East at about 31st Street Drive SE and on to Marion." [emphasis added]

"Elgin said the city already has the money for some of the first segment; the $2.5 million from the planning group will pay for the rest and will fund the third segment as well. Davis estimated that the first segment will be completed in one or two years, and the third piece will follow."

Planned Projects for Streets, Trails and Bike Lanes!