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Just some interesting irony:

Misspelling on the Public Library's drive-thru menu:

In spite of the Community Development Director, Christine Butterfield, saying relocating to True North would cost MILLIONS more than Emerald Knights, Council, with a swing vote by Councilman Chuck Swore, approved relocating the Public Library to the True North site.

February 24, 2010 Cedar Rapids City Council discussed and chose the preferred site for new Public Library.

The Library Board recommended the Gazette location. Their second choice was the Emerald Knights site, and third was the True North Insurance site.  Emerald Knights was the least expensive and the only one that did not take on any flood waters.

March 22, 2010 Busses sold the property to True North for a total of $3.66 million.

Help us cut the money train off from City Council to force them to spend prudently.


Persistence Pays Once Again for the City and Their Expensive Plans

September 23, 2010 Mayor Corbett went to Kansas City to again appeal to FEMA to allow the City to relocate the library to TrueNorth.

Where Should We Go?
Video summarizes the TrueNorth acquisition regarding the Public Library.


Make Sure Everyone Makes a Profit - Except the Taxpayers

At the time of the Council's decision to relocate the Public Library to the TrueNorth site, TrueNorth did not own the property. It was owned by: Busse Investments, Inc., Jeff Busse, and Laverne T. Busse and assessed at $1.5 million. 

The Public Library, part 1  - TrueNorth's "sweetheart deal" at the taxpayers' expense 


Mayor Pro Tem Monica Vernon falsely claims, in her 2011 reelection debate, that the Feds said it was "imperative" that we get out of that location. (Meaning the Public Library site on 1st St SE.)