Get the Facts CR

$4,800,000 to TrueNorth for the acquisition of their property assessed at $1.5 million –for the Library;

$500,000 for the New Bo Market;

$675,000 for the Amphitheater;

$10.900,000 for a new Public Works facility.

$1,100,000 for the Ground Transportation Center and Plaza.

Even after John Frew nearly doubled our cost for the hotel/convention center, the City hired him for this project. What’s THIS project going to cost us now?

NOTE: Mayor Corbett's son works for John Frew. No conflict?

$3,550,000 for the Animal Control Facility

In 2011, The City wanted a 20-year LOSST extension  in 2011, "for flood protection, roads and property tax relief."  They spent $450,000 to try to get that "forever tax" passed.  Then, they claimed "flood protection" was their "priority."   Now "roads" is their priority.  Look at who's funding this campaign - city contractors.

Can you trust them? Do you think they and their friends just want more money?

Let's repeat that last dangling clause:

  "...and matching funds for federal dollars for flood recovery or flood protection."

THIS is how they got away with using our LOSST for their flood-related projects!

2009 Cedar Rapids Local Option Sales and Services Tax for 5 years: 

"…Revenues from the sales and services tax shall be allocated as follows:

Ten percent (10%) for property tax relief;

The specific purposes for which the revenues shall otherwise be expended are:

90% for the acquisition and rehabilitation of flooded damaged housing caused by the flooding of 2008,

and matching funds for federal flood dollars to assist with flood recovery or flood protection."

Remember when ...

Mayor Corbett campaigned saying the LOSST should be used for the flood victims? 

Do you think he kept his promise or did he support spending it on these projects?

When you voted on LOSST, did you think the City was going to spend it this way?

The City and the media claimed it was going to be used to help the flood victims and flood recovery ...

just like they are now campaigning this upcoming LOSST will be used to "fix roads." (Read ALL the ballot language.)

With the BROAD BALLOT LANGUAGE, they were able to spend it on projects that voters did not intend it to be used for!

Projects the Voters did NOT intend the City to spend OUR LOSST